Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Vladimir Putin addressed to the media

Upon completion of negotiations in the evening of October 2, the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin addressed to representatives of mass media.

Commenting on results of the summit, the head of Turkmenistan emphasized constructive nature of the negotiations which took place in the atmosphere of openness, mutual understanding and trust. The condition and the prospects of the Turkmen-Russian relations were discussed, the specific directions of further interaction were determined.

The parties confirmed long-term and strategic nature of the interstate cooperation, expressed readiness to do all necessary for its consolidation and disclosure of huge potential of partnership which Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation had these days.

Special attention was paid to questions of strengthening of the universal peace, stability and safety. On many questions of the international and regional policy Turkmenistan and Russia show coincidence or similarity of line items. In this context the practice of mutual support which proved the efficiency in the UN and other authoritative international organizations will be continued.

Both countries will continue interaction in fight against the international terrorism, drug trafficking, transnational organized crime. This partnership will be performed both at the bilateral level, and within the international organizations.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov reported that during negotiations issues of a cooperation in Central Asia were in detail discussed. Turkmenistan and Russia see this region as a strong link of strategic stability in Eurasia, places of implementation of the large-scale energy, transport, ecological projects having global value.

The commitment of both countries to the close interaction on the Caspian Sea based on the principles of neighborliness, equality, mutual respect, accounting of interests of all Caspian states was confirmed. Turkmenistan and Russia welcome and support signing of multilateral agreements on a cooperation on the Caspian Sea in trade and economic and transport spheres, on some other directions.

In this context importance of use of port infrastructure of two countries on the Caspian Sea – in the Turkmenbashi and Astrakhan, ferry crossing between them and also creations of the trade and logistic center of Turkmenistan in the territory of the Astrakhan region was noted.

During negotiations it was noted that Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation support arrangement of a situation in Afghanistan by peaceful, political and diplomatic means, on the basis of extensive national dialogue in case of a leading role of the UN, integration of this country into regional economic, infrastructure projects.

Also the consecutive, interested and mutually advantageous nature of trade and economic partnership of Turkmenistan and the Russian Federation was noted, mutual readiness for its expansion and diversification was confirmed. The power, transport and communications, agrarian and industrial complex, technologies, service trade, some other industries were distinguished as the priority directions.

The parties confirmed mutual readiness for further expansion of dialogue of two states in the cultural and humanitarian sphere, to encouragement of contacts in the field of culture, health care and sport.

Leaders of two countries highly appreciated interaction level in the scientific and educational sphere which extends and performed on a system, long-term basis every year. The Agreements on cooperation signed during the visit between a number of the leading higher education institutions and scientific centers of Turkmenistan and Russia offer serious prospects for scientific work, student's exchange, forming of joint educational programs and projects.

- We highly appreciate and are grateful to Russia for the invariable assistance rendered in preparation in its educational institutions of young specialists from Turkmenistan, - Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted.

The President of Turkmenistan addressed special appreciation to Vladimir Putin for his great personal attention to a cooperation with our country.

The Russian President expressed confidence, as further both countries would work also effectively, as before. He noted that negotiations took place in very constructive atmosphere, practically on all international line items, on all international issues our views matched, or were very close.

Vladimir Putin emphasized that the parties exchanged opinions on key and sharp points on the planet, compared notes on regional space, paid paramount attention to development of trade and economic, humanitarian communications.

As the Russian leader noted, Turkmenistan and Russia had many good prospects for various directions, including mechanical engineering, transport infrastructure, health care, education, science and culture.


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