In Ashgabat the Turkmen-Russian summit talks continue

In the Presidential Palace complex "Oguzkhan" the Turkmen-Russian summit talks continue. They began in a narrow format, then proceeded in expanded structure – with participation of official delegations of both countries.

The current visit of the President of Russia in Turkmenistan is considered as an important stage on the way of further strengthening and high-quality enrichment of the relations of strategic partnership.

Bilateral meetings at the highest levels give to an interstate cooperation due impulses, serve as accurate reference points for determination and accomplishment of the current and perspective programs and plans.

Speaking at negotiations, the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted the special importance of the current visit of the Russian leader passing in a year of the 25 anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Russia. This date was marked by carrying out a number of important actions in both countries. The head of the state addressed to the Russian partners appreciation for that attention which was paid to the above-named event.

Between two countries the solid legal framework of a cooperation which contains 115 interstate and intergovernmental and 76 interdepartmental documents today is acquired. They cover the most different directions that, certainly, speaks about availability of huge space for joint activities – both in traditional, and in new spheres of partnership.

Turkmenistan actively cooperates with Russia in questions of strengthening of the regional and international security. Level of bilateral interaction and coordination of joint steps with the Russian side within the largest international organizations is traditionally high.

Consistently trade and economic and cultural and humanitarian communications develop. In these directions partnership with territorial subjects of the Russian Federation – St. Petersburg, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Astrakhan region and other regions extends.

In general, we highly appreciate content of interstate dialogue. It is based on the historical traditions of neighborliness, respect and trust to each other, understanding of community of long-term goals and interests.

The President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the high level of political diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and Russia. The cooperation in this sphere has steady, strategic character. It is distinguished by mutual understanding, proximity or coincidence of approaches on key questions of worldwide and regional policy.

It is brightly shown in the established system cooperation of two countries in the authoritative international organizations, first of all, in the UN, OSCE, in regional structures. Together with Russia Turkmenistan consistently supports preserving strategic stability, approval of a role of international law as base of maintenance of the universal peace and safety, priority of political and diplomatic means in case of the conflict resolution and contradictions on the basis of the Charter of the UN.

"We highly appreciate support of a neutral foreign policy of Turkmenistan by the Russian Federation, our initiatives, including of such major directions of international cooperation as power and transport". Speaking about it, the head of the state especially noted the sequence and adherence to principles which are always shown by Russia in case of discussion of offers of the Turkmen side in the United Nations, acting as the coauthor of the draft resolutions of the General Assembly which are pushed by our country and supporting the nomination of Turkmenistan in members of various specialized United Nations Organs. In this connection the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed to the Russian colleague sincere gratitude.

In turn, Turkmenistan also acts as the consecutive supporter of many Russian initiatives in the UN. Our country in different years was a coauthor of the draft resolutions initiated by the Russian side in the field of the international anti-corruption, in the sphere of cyber security, non-stationing the first weapon in space and some other. Turkmenistan repeatedly voted for the candidacy of Russia and its representatives to elections to bodies and specialized institutes of the UN.

"The Turkmen-Russian partnership is an efficient factor of the effective response to relevant threats and challenges, such as international terrorism, a drug traffic, cross-border crime", the head of the state emphasized, having confirmed readiness of our country for further joint operation with Russia on implementation of Global counterterrorist strategy of the UN.

As important element of a cooperation in the foreign policy sphere contacts at the level of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs act. They have regular and system character, allowing to resolve the arising issues in the bilateral relations, to coordinate actions of the parties and to react quickly to these or those changes in the international or regional agenda.

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