Oil becomes cheaper

World oil prices on Wednesday morning decrease as demand for an energy resource remains lowered against the background of slow recovery of capacities of conversion at oil refinery in the USA after the hurricane "Harvey", RIA Novosti with reference to data of the biddings reports.

As of 08:08 Moscow time cost of November futures for the North Sea oil mixture of the Brent brand decreased by 0,39%, up to 53,17 dollars for barrel, the price of October futures for WTI crude oil fell by 0,18% — up to 48,57 dollars for barrel.

According to the Ministry of Energy of the USA the total number of non-working capacities at oil refinery in the USA constitutes 3,8 million oil barrels a day, or 20% of conversion in the country, despite resumption of work at some entities. Other oil refineries, according to the Reuters agency, work not at full capacity.

Besides, the agency reports about coming to the Caribbean islands of the new storm "Irma" to which record "category 5" is appropriated.

"While there is a threat of one more hurricane on the coast of the USA, players will be careful at the biddings" — the agency cites words of the analyst of ANZ bank.

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