The office of consortium "Galkynysh – TAPI Pipeline Company Limited" will be opened in Dubai

In the short run preparation of the documents necessary for registration and establishment in the city of Dubai (United Arab Emirates)  of the office of private company "by Galkynysh – TAPI Pipeline Company Limited" on construction and operation of the TAPI gas pipeline which will connect four countries – Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan and India will be finished. The course of implementation of this large international infrastructure project was discussed at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan which took place on January 15.

The State Concern «Turkmengas» in August of last year was chosen as the leader of the international consortium in construction and operation of the TAPI gas pipeline. In October at the 23rd meeting of the Steering Committee of the TAPI project, which took place in Ashgabat, members of consortium approved and initialed the draft of the joint-stock agreement, in which equity of each of the parties in this consortium is distributed. The main part of shares was assigned to State Concern «Turkmengas», equal shares were received by other participants of consortium: Afghan gas corporation, Pakistani "Inter State Gas Systems (Private) of Limited" and Indian "GAIL". It is important that the joint-stock agreement not only fixed shares between participants of consortium, but also created a legal basis for further work on promotion to the project.

We remind, on December 13, 2015 in Turkmenistan with participation of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and heads of member countries of the project began the construction of the Turkmen site of TAPI, which is 214 km long. General length of the gas pipeline constitutes 1814 kilometers, from them on the territory of Afghanistan - 774 kilometer and on the territory of Pakistan to border with India - 826 kilometers will be laid.

Now the State Concern “Turkmennebitgazgurlushyk”, which is a contractor on construction of the Turkmen site of the pipeline, performs delivery of task-specific transport, the equipment and pipes to the highway site. Besides that, cleaning of the district along the route of the Turkmen site of the gas highway is carried out. Also within the first stage of implementation of this megaproject materials management issues are resolved. In particular, the international tender for delivery of pipe and other production which is required for laying of 214 kilometers on the territory of Turkmenistan is announced.

The Head of the State charged the construction of the Turkmen site of TAPI and its land infrastructure to “Turkmengas” and “Turkmennebitgazgurlushyk” State Concerns by the relevant resolution. In the territory of Afghanistan and Pakistan contractors of construction will be chosen as a result of the international tender.

The pipeline begins from a gas field Galkynysh in Turkmenistan, will pass through the Afghan cities Herat and Kandahar, Pakistani - Quetta and Multan and will reach the settlement of Fazilk on border of India and Pakistan.  Annually the pipeline will transport 33 bcm of gas. Construct completion and putting all TAPI pipeline into operation is planned at the end of 2019.

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